George Bougakov

Web developer with a passion for automation and design

Since 2019


As an internal automation developer, I work closely with other departments to automate routine tasks, save money for the company and minimize the amount of boring tasks that employees have to do instead of doing their job

Talks and posts

Making a corporate superapp with Slack and Node.js

Talk at FrontendConf 2020

Seven Deadly Slack Sins (And How to Solve Them with Automation)

Post in the Skyeng DevBlog

Since 2018

Making stuff

In my free time I was making little projects, most of which are dead now. I was featured four times on Product Hunt and even got a Golden Kitty! (which is actually made from silver-colored plastic)

Some notable ones


Tinder for making grocery lists, got 440+ upvotes and was #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt


A collaborative jukebox, got 420+ upvotes and was #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, currently discontinued

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