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Stuff I use

This is the software setup on my Mac. If you'd like to discover more setups, check out uses.tech


VS Code

Although VS Code is written using the engine that was originally made for Atom, it is miles ahead. Microsoft's IntelliSense is awesome, debugger support is great and the amount of themes and extensions is staggering!

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Monokai Pro Theme

Monokai's colors are beautiful, the pixel-perfect icons look sweet on my MacBook's screen and overall, Monokai Pro is very pleasing and well-worth the 10 EUR asking price

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Vercel is amazing. It is blazing-fast and the reason I use it is that I can get a project up and running in about a minute, which is about 30 times faster than deploying it on a VPS

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Hetzner Cloud

ZEIT Now is great and all, but I still need a VPS for my MongoDB instance and my Minecraft server 🙂

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Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool combining the best parts of Evernote, Trello and lots of other services (Get $10 in credit by signing up via the link below)

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A replacement for macOS Spotlight that can be fully customized

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Keyboard Maestro

A macOS alternative for the really powerful automation app AutoHotKey

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Other macOS apps


Get 170+ high-quality macOS apps for just $9.99/mo. Some of the apps included actually cost more separately

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iA Writer

It is fast, beautiful and functional - everything I need from a Markdown editor

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